For Your Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Hi, I'm Aya! Thanks for stopping by. My natural treasures are simple plant based bath & body products that you can use in your everyday life. I invite you to literally feel the difference in my artisanal organic body butters, soaps, body scrubs, & more!

What’s in Aya’s Natural Treasures?

Each one of my treasures are handcrafted using gentle, natural, and skin loving ingredients. They are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and petroleum. In addition, my treasures are not tested on animals, nor do they contain any animal bi-products. You can rest assured that they are all natural and healthy. 

Where can you find Aya?

If you would like to connect in person, check out my events schedule! I love to display my goods in person and I make weekly appearances at Farmer’s Markets and other events throughout the New Jersey-Pennsylvania region.

The Aya’s Natural Treasures GHANA PROJECT

-EST. 2016-

Traveling to Ghana West Africa in 2016 was a life-long dream that became a life altering experience. A two-week journey, throughout the Ivory Coast, allowed me to see and meet an abundance of beautiful souls. One particular destination really left a deep impression in my heart: Kumasi, Ghana, the land of the Asante People. The Asante are a proud, yet humble group of people from the Aduaben Village of Kumasi, Ghana.

After experiencing such great hospitality and appreciation for the culture, I decided to develop a way to give back to the people and the Ghana Project was created. We kicked off our first year in (2016), where we sent a barrel filled with clothes, shoes, books, school supplies and old cell phones to the village. During our second year (2017), we sent three barrels filled with shoes, clothes, books and school supplies. This humanitarian effort is funded strictly through donations and we are honored to be apart of such an awesome mission!  We’ve created a donation page for those who would like to assist with shipping costs.